Yoga Benefits for Older Adults and Different Types of Yoga for Seniors

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Yoga isn’t only meant for the young, it is possible for all ages and all walks of life to benefit from the various techniques that yoga offers. Yoga asanas are one of the few physical exercises that one can continue doing as one ages. With age, it is more important to focus the attention on how you do rather than how much you do. Yoga not only refreshes the mind and the body and tones the body, but also keeps the internal organs and hormonal system in balance.

Growing old apart from presenting many gifts such as maturity, grace, wisdom, experience, and perspective, to name a few, also carries many challenges. Joint stress, osteoarthritis, and other types of pain commonly surface as you grow old. Additionally, risk of life-threatening illnesses, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain types of cancer also increases with age. Furthermore, older adults experience higher rates of depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders. Sense of self can suffer due to memory decline and balance impairment in older adults. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia among older adults. Alzheimer’s can impair the ability to have relationships and function in the world.

Fortunately, there are so many good things that can be done to improve the overall health and well-being as a senior, such as healthy eating and exercise can assist in preventing injury and keeps the body in good shape. Brain training exercises and meditation can help keep the mind sharp. If you are on the lookout for assisted living Phoenix, AZ care for your senior loved one, don’t look beyond the award-winning Senior Sanctuary of Anthem in the region. Compassionate and experienced caregivers offer round-the-clock support to senior residents.

Different Types of Yoga for Seniors:

Yoga is an ideal choice, if you or your beloved is looking to branch out to a new healthy and beneficial activity. Moreover, you can easily get started with it as it doesn’t require much preparation. It’s important to wear comfortable clothing or it can impede your actions as there’s a lot of movement, unusual poses and bending, and plenty of stretching involved in yoga.

Chair yoga, Water yoga and Gentle yoga are a few yoga varieties that are recommended for beginners and older adults.

Chair Yoga- This yoga type employs the use of a chair to help modify yoga practices for people with mobility issues. This is the most appropriate type of yoga for people that have difficulty standing for long periods of time or are not able to perform the movements on a floor mat.

Water Yoga– Water yoga is ideal for seniors with chronic joint pain or arthritis since there is no pressure on the joints.

Gentle Yoga– This form of yoga is less intense or strenuous than other types. This yoga type is generally for beginners, individuals with limited mobility and those looking to reduce stress and anxiety.

Benefits of a daily yoga practice for seniors:

Improves Balance and Stability– Balance and stability are incredibly important as you age. Prevent the likelihood of falls by strengthening your muscles and improving your balance. Falls can be a common concern for the elderly.

Flexibility and Joint Health Improvement– Yoga is a great option if you’re looking for a gentle exercise that increases flexibility. Flexibility exercises such as yoga can prove to be beneficial if your joints tend to be achy or stiff.

Reduce High Blood Pressure– Yoga reduces oxidative stress in the elderly, which is one of the underlying causes of high blood pressure and, especially for seniors, is a strong risk factor for heart attacks.

Improvement in Respiration– Age brings with it respiratory limitations and reduced tolerance to physical exertion. Yoga significantly improves respiratory function.

Cognitive Function– Apart from having positive effects on mental acuity and memory, yoga has also been shown to improve brain function and cognitive ability.

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