The Larger Role Of Nutrition For Seniors With Alzheimer’s

  • June 03, 2021 BY  Anthem Seniors
  • Anthem Senior Living

Food and nutrition play a major role in determining how well or not someone with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia live their life. Good nutrition helps everyone stay well, but is even more critical for individuals with Alzheimer’s, which sometimes can be challenging for them. Decline in cognitive functioning takes... Read More

Activities Older Adults With Mobility Issues Can Perform And Enjoy

  • February 18, 2021 BY  Anthem Seniors
  • Gallery

Older age is one of the common factors that leads to loss of mobility, followed by chronic diseases like arthritis and diabetes. Mobility issues range from unsteadiness while walking, increased difficulty in getting in and out of chair to falls. The best ways to manage mobility problems in older adults is by staying active,... Read More