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At Anthem Senior Living one can obtain the best possible Anthem assisted living care in the hands of our well-trained and certified caregivers. We believe that the seniors deserve the best level of care and respect to lead a good life at the age that they are in. People because of their busy lives are unable to look after or take care of the aged members in their families the way that they should be taken care of so we can help you by partaking the responsibility of looking after the senior members in your family at Anthem Senior Living through our services in senior living in Anthem. Anthem Senior Living has come to the fore in view of providing with the best assisted Anthem living care to the seniors so that we can give them the happiness and love that they deserve and which they might be missing in their lives. Our Anthem Senior Living services includes fully furnished and clean rooms, sumptuous meals prepared by the professionals, organization of fun events for entertainment purposes and much much more, all these we do just to make your loved one feel at home with us. You would get the chance to choose from the many suites on offer at Anthem Senior Living and we assure you that your stay with us would absolutely be worth each penny that you would spend. The caregivers at Anthem Senior Living are always on their toes working round the clock so that your loved one never gets inconvenienced staying over here. So get the best possible assisted senior living care in Anthem for your loved one at the award winning Anthem Senior Living in the Phoenix area.

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All Comprehensive

Whatever you pay in the beginning for any of the suites, it will be all-comprehensive, there will no hidden charges.

Totally Furnished

Your suite will totally be furnished with LED TV, chair, table, night stand, comfortable bed, etc.

Massage Therapy

We have expert massage therapists visiting Anthem Senior Living every week so that our seniors can indulge in the magic massage therapies.

Sumptuous Meals

We offer the most nutritious and quality meals to the seniors over here.

All Comprehensive

Whatever you pay in the beginning for any of the suites, it will be all-comprehensive, there will no hidden charges.

Totally Furnished

Your suite will totally be furnished with LED TV, chair, table, night stand, comfortable bed, etc.

Massage Therapy

We have expert massage therapists visiting Anthem Senior Living every week so that our seniors can indulge in the magic massage therapies.

Sumptuous Meals

We offer the most nutritious and quality meals to the seniors over here.


Dear Sam,
Just a note to share how appreciative our family is at the excellent transition you and your team have provided for mom. Mom had a rough time of it going through hospitalization for a stroke, then a stay at rehab before getting to you and the team at Anthem Senior Living. Needless to say, that is quite an ordeal and disorienting.
You and the staff at Anthem Senior Living have done everything we could hope for, from completely redecorating her room, to arranging for her physical therapy and physician visits, updating her care plan – it is quite a list! The adjustment to new medications and a proper sleep schedule was extraordinarily complex and challenging, but you and your staff pulled it all off. It was an amazing amount of work and perseverance to the goal. Having mom live at Anthem Senior Living has taken a lot of worry off our hands and provided continuum of care that was needed.
Beyond her health needs, we are very much appreciative of the attention to socialization, holiday celebrations, and providing activities that help maintain a sense of life and enjoyment. Truly, the professionalism and care shown to mom have put you at the top of our list. I have found that all senior living organizations I checked out tout that they provide good care, but there are only a few that actually perform at a level of Excellence, and I am so grateful we found one of them.
Should anyone ever wish for a referral of Anthem Senior Living, you can give them my name and number.
Best Regards,

Stephanie Sherman, LPC, LISAC, NBCC, MBA

I would like everyone to know what a wonderful resource we have here in Anthem, Sam has recently helped us find the perfect location for our mom. Sam at Anthem Seniors also has a network of assisted homes with the same philosophy, the level of really really caring for their residents is just amazing! They also have the policy of price lock for life so our mom can gracefully age in place no matter what which also gives us peace. Thanks to Sam listening we now have valuable peace of mind even in these times. I would highly recommend ! Thank you

Vickie McLaughlin

Anthem Senior Living took wonderful care of our Mother for 3 years. I can’t think of a better place she could have spent with Loving Care & Staff that became like family.

Cindy Talmadge

Senior Sanctuary of Anthem is a spectacular assisted living home, beautifully re-modeled in late 2019. The attention to detail inside the home is evident at every turn and each room is beautifully appointed. The landscaping surrounding the home is meticulous and provides the residents with a peaceful and tranquil area to relax as well. The owner, Sam, and his staff are incredible and they create a warm, loving and inviting atmosphere with home cooked meals, fresh flowers, live music, hairdressers, massage and countless other activities to entertain and engage the resident but most importantly, they provide each resident with individualized sincere tender loving care. We love working with them! They get a five star recommendation from me! 👍🏼⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Evie Justimbaste, RN.

Having my Mom at Senior Sanctuary of Anthem has been and is a blessing for her and her family. Daily taking care of her needs striving to be the best with kind and caring hearts makes us glad we chose Senior Sanctuary of Anthem. Sam Ile and staff are always there for any questions or concerns we have for her. Having worked in assisted living facilities, I highly recommend Senior Sanctuary of Anthem for all that is done caring for my Mom.

Nancy Hoenes MacDonald

Senior Sanctuary of Anthem is a first class, top notch home-based Assisted Living care facility. My 93 year old father needed care beyond the level his previous large scale assisted living residence could provide. In fact, my family needed to find a suitable place in a hurry as my dad’s health had declined rapidly. Owner/Director Sam Ile jumped into action to place my father in the Senior Sanctuary of Anthem home. He quickly worked out all the details to make the placement happen in an incredibly timely manner. Since my dad’s placement, the staff has worked extremely hard to meet my father’s many health needs. A team effort, by the experienced staff, has been nothing short of amazing. Sam Ile is a terrific leader and a tireless advocate for all seniors at his two care homes. His positive, charismatic leadership has created a strong sense of team within the staff that makes all residents feel welcomed and loved. I believe I have found the perfect living and care setting for my father in this stage of his life. I honestly must rate the Senior Sanctuary as a FIVE STAR PLUS care provider!

Steve Hirt

My Mom has been at Anthem Senior Living for nearly six months. I couldn’t be more pleased with the care and environment! Mom has dementia and she can be very needy one day and then become crabby at other times. Staff is patient and adept at redirecting. Many staff have worked for Sam between 3 and 7 years, unheard of these days! They encourage participation in activities and my Mom enjoys participating in them. Communication with family is exceptional. They truly care for the mind, body and spirit of their residents. My mom is thriving in their care!

Denee McKinley

My step-dad recently moved in and is living at the Senior Sanctuary of Anthem. I had the pleasure of visiting him over the Christmas holiday for the first time.
I am incredibly impressed by this Assisted Living facility that Sam has created. What an amazing place! I met Carlos and Jackie – they are just incredible human beings. Gentle, loving and so confident in what they do especially being so young! I can tell they take great care of all the elderly residents especially my step-dad and that really makes my heart smile and puts me at ease.
I stayed for Christmas dinner and Jackie made a delicious home cooked meal, wow! The food is gourmet for sure. I can’t express enough my gratitude for such a wonderful place. Great care, attention to detail and a real sense of home. Sam even mentioned that my step-dad “is part of our family and we try our best to love on him”. Not many places are like this. Those values I know start with Sam and trickle down to the culture of the home. Thank you so much, Sam, and deep deep gratitude for you!!

Jen Cody

We are so blessed to have found Senior Sanctuary of Anthem. Mom is always happy, content and clean. The staff are always so nice helpful and accommodating. Sam does a great job, even sends pics of mom enjoying herself which makes my heart happy! I really couldn’t ask for a better place for my mom. I highly recommend Anthem Senior Homes.

Susan McIver, RN.

What a fabulous and beautiful place and location! My 90-year-old mom was blessed to spend a few days there while I was out of town and the staff were all wonderful and loving to her. My mom is not very social but they had her enjoying music, games and mixing food for cooking. She was well-taken care of and felt safe and secure during her time there. Everyone was very kind, professional and helpful! Thank you Senior Sanctuary of Anthem.

Mary Fox

We can’t begin to express how fortunate we are to be considered partners with Sam. He has a vision like no other and a true passion for not only seniors but those entrusted with their care. Sam’s direction and advice is invaluable and together we serve our seniors with top notch care and passion. Sam’s team of professionals allows us to provide quality care for our residents and also give our clients the peace of mind.

Amy and Emil Pop

We made an excellent decision partnering with Sam . He has surpassed expectations, he is always available extremely knowledgeable. He has helped us every step of the way . This partnership has allowed Mountain Cove Luxury Senior care to live up to our mission statement . Sam has set our path to serve with excellence compassion and joy . It is absolutely refreshing to know we have a partner who has integrity and TRUE compassion for our seniors. He goes over the top to provide .
We feel honored to be apart of this team.

Kori and Sean Zaringar

Sam and crew are nothing shy of AMAZING!!! They put the needs of the residents top priority and are always on top of making sure your loved one is taken care of the best of their ability. I had to place my best friend who had a stroke and traumatic brain injuries after a life saving brain surgery in one of Sam’s homes. From the minute I called to ask questions, he made me feel at ease that he would help me out with her care and that they can provide everything she would need since I could not care for her full time in my own home. My friend has been a handful at times, and the staff/Sam are so understanding to her needs and condition. They work with her and keep me informed at all times. They are always willing to go that extra mile to make sure that all residents are happy, healthy and taken care of. If I ever need to be in a assisted living home, this is where I would want to go spend my days. Not only is the care 110%, both homes are beautiful and have such amazing back yards, movie rooms, etc. It truly is a piece of mind knowing that my friend is well taken care of when I can’t be there 24/7! I just can’t say enough on how this place is fabulous on all levels. Sam has everything thought out as far as medical services that come in, spa treatments, fresh flowers, etc. I thank my lucky stars I called Sam to find this wonderful place for my loved one.

Shelly Parker

We had to move my parents here during my fathers battle with cancer. My father only got to spend one night in this beautiful home before we had to take him to the hospital and watch him pass away. Sam and the crew at Senior Sanctuary of Anthem were so kind to my mom and made this transition as easy as possible under the circumstances. Wasn’t easy for our family to place them in an assisted living home, however I couldn’t of asked for a more home like environment . The home is always extremely clean and the staff is so good to my mother and they are great to us I can come and visit as I please, I can take my mom whenever I want. I couldn’t of asked for a better experience. I am so grateful my mom is happy and she has friends. She also likes to participate in the weekly activities. we just attended an event that featured Music and happy hour. It was fantastic, my mom smiled and sang with her friends. I decided to spend my birthday October 8th with my mother during this event. It was the best birthday I’ve ever had watching her smile while she listening to music with her friends. I thank God for this blessing. I am so happy to have met Sam and the crew they treat my mom like their family. If you are looking for a place for your family member please call Sam you will not be disappointed!

Trevor Skoro

When I first Placed My Mother in Memory care in a Large Community , there were no activities to speak of, until Kori arrived to manage the Memory Care unit. Daily She creatively engaged All residents in mental and physical activities to stimulate their brain and body. No babysitting in front of a TV all day She was Amazing ! Always enthusiastic, personal and caring with each resident. She was not only a resident’s advocate but an advocate for the family as well. I would want her caring for Me!

Robbin Parisek

Kori Zarinegar was in charge of the Memory Care unit where I got to know her. She was extremely capable at leading the care team in the Dementia unit. Kori has an outstanding personality and knows how to relate to the dementia residents. They all enjoyed her thoroughly. I was married to my wife for 64 years, 6 of them she had memory problems.
Kori certainly made a difference in my wife. She brought joy to her daily, she was creative and calm in her approach. No matter how difficult some days were, Kori assisted with compassion.


For nearly 3 months my mother has been living at The Sanctuary. She’s receiving care specific to her needs from patient, kind staff who have taken the time to get to know her. Communication with director, Sam, has been excellent. He is readily available to help with accommodations of every kind, to make sure Mom’s transition is smooth. The facility is beautiful and clean with places to sit inside and outside, and there is usually a delicious home cooked meal being prepared in the kitchen. Staff invite and encourage residents to participate in the many activities they organize during the week. Sanctuary goes above and beyond to make the residents feel at home and part of a larger family.

Beth Kalas

Sam and his staff have been amazing to work with as we transitioned our father to Senior Sanctuary of Anthem. More important than being a beautiful place, the people inside and the care they give are what sets them apart.

Jennifer Tjorhom, C-FNP.

Thank you Sam for welcoming my Mom to Senior Sanctuary of Anthem this past week! The whole staff has been wonderful! We appreciate the patience of you and the staff for answering our many questions, while we get my Mom settled in to the new routine! Your facility is beautiful, clean and truly feels like a home! You have thought of every detail to make the rooms inviting, comfortable and safe! I truly feel my Mom is in good hands!!

Linda Runion

Sam has truly been a joy to work with in serving our senior community. Being a patient advocate for 17 years, I have had the opportunity to work with so many industry professionals and Sam is by far one of the most diligent, thorough, knowledgeable and compassionate colleagues I have been fortunate enough to know. Five stars all the way!

Mimi Medinger

We are grateful for once again having the opportunity to work with Sam in adding both an Entry door and Courtyard gate to the Senior Sanctuary of Anthem. From the beginning, I personally witnessed Sam going the extra mile, such as chiseling down uneven concrete himself to 1/16” precision, just to make sure that accessibility to the home would be as smooth and convenient as possible for the residents. Adding the latest in locking mechanisms, it is obvious that security is also a priority. As a family business, we are all thankful to Sam for bringing us in to be part of this amazing project.

Juan Morales

We had the pleasure of assisting Sam with the landscape renovation at Senior Sanctuary of Anthem. From our very first interaction it was clear that Sam sets the bar high. Every detail and decision to be made was done with the residents best interest in mind. Safety and accessibility were of the highest priority. Sam spared no expense allowing us to creating a beautiful, serene setting. I was very impressed with the manner in which Sam interacted our crews. He knew each of them by name and always took time to acknowledge their skills.

Bob Hansel

As we look back, we are not amazed at the continued love, dedication, and genuine care for others that this dear friend Sam still has.
Through a simple phone call we met him back in 2011 and were able to schedule a Show for him and his wonderful Residents. My husband & I have traveled the United States, Canada, etc. performing and it has been such a Blessing to be a part of the Anthem Senior Living. Sam strives to achieve nothing but the “best” for what we call his “Senior Saints” and we have come to know and love their Family members throughout the years. I also have had the privilege of being a part of the wonderful “Team” that Sam so very lovingly brings together to “care for & nurture” his precious Residents. I find great Joy in assisting them with their Activities weekly! The blessing is all mine. Please believe me when I say that once again Sam has provided a place where everyone is loved. You will be amazed at the Senior Sanctuary just as I was the first time I entered in the door. Take the time to visit and feel the love that resides within this beautiful Sanctuary. It’s the peace of mind you’re looking for when it comes to the ones you love so dearly. God will continue to bless Sam because he has always placed God & others before himself.

Anthony and Valerie Rolando

He is a Great human being that is passionate about seniors but committed to the team equally. He doesn’t ever call us employees rather refers to us as the most important part of Anthem Seniors. I have been a care taker for many years and have experienced and seen many things first hand. Nothing compares to the extent an owner goes not only providing amenities but including them at no additional cost like he does I have known Sam since 2012 and I’m going on 5 years working for his company and I’m not I planing to go anywhere! I purchased a home only 2 minutes away from work. That’s how much I love working for Sam. The love he pours into us allows us to reciprocate that love to our residents. The celebrations for residents with their special order dinners for their birthdays to the best Christmas parties you ever saw. We look forward to welcoming your loved ones and embracing them into our family!

Lupita Carrillo

I have to say Working for Sam since 2016 and seeing all the love and dedication from the inside of the business is by far the most amazing care your love one deserves! He is always going above and beyond for everyone’s well being. Sam is always spoiling the residents with high quality care and exceptional attention to all needs of the patients. Seeing what I never seen anywhere else I’ve worked before makes me say it’s truly an honor to be part of this team no question about it ! We sure hope you take the time to come down and check out this beautiful home and see for yourself. I promise you won’t be disappointed !

Carlos Felix

I had the privilege of working on this incredible project full time for the last several months. The expense and the attention to detail that Sam put into this demonstrates that if he cares so much about what is not seen, how much more attention does he put into his clients? I noticed how he interacts with other trades and he was liked by everyone. I had the privilege to see how he interacts with seniors and I have no doubt that he was born for this! Rest assured your loved ones will be treated with the utmost respect and love!

Beny Cacuci

It is absolutely refreshing to witness a person of integrity and strong compassion , providing care for our Seniors. We placed my loved one in his care home . Sam is the Owner , he is hands on providing excellence in every detail . He personally came in and visited with my Grandpa and knew his Military history .Sam guided my family every step of the way during my Grandpas stay . He conversed with my grandpa like a best buddy reminiscing about his past , bringing my Grandpa a sense of purpose. Sam’s care staff was over the top outstanding . They would always come in and comfort not only my Grandpa but me as well ! This new Sanctuary home is perfection . Gorgeous with luxurious detail . It is apparent Sam only will provide the Best for his residents.

Kori Zarinegar

Over the last 1 1/2 years we have been blessed to be Sam’s neighbors and more importantly his friends. He and his family somehow manage to find time to consistently help us with our homeless feeding mission at Trevor’s Vision… I can say that I have had several first-hand experiences with family members being in care homes. One good thing that I took away from that is knowing a great one when I see it. I would have to agree with one of the previous reviews in saying that I wish there was a higher rating than five stars. This truly is a sanctuary and everyone there is treated as if they were family. They have poured their blood, sweat and tears into making this home a true labor of love and compassion for others. I wouldn’t make any decisions without considering The Senior Sanctuary Of Anthem and seeing it with your own eyes.

Dawn Malone

What an amazing place! Every part of this residence was thought of with great detail. Sam and his team of experts make instant connections and make everyone feel special. If anyone is considering having a loved one live here they would truly be treated like family.

Manny Chazan

Beautiful home with the most amazing staff. Sam Ile, the owner is salt of the earth and one of the kindest people you will ever meet. He truly cares about his residents and it shows in how happy the residents are. Highly recommend Senior Sanctuary of Anthem.

Kati Walker

I have known Sam and his family since December of 2013! I started working for Sam in June of 2016. Sam is by far one of the greatest leaders and boss in every aspect. Sam has been in the care of seniors for many years. He is truly loving, caring, and so extra to all of our residents, and that’s exactly what makes our homes #1. We are all extremely passionate about what we do and how we do it. We have an amazing team of staff that believes in love and exceptional care. Our team members are all certified and highly trained for the best care of our residents. Please come tour Senior Sanctuary of Anthem to get a better look at what my words above express. See you all soon!

Ana Carrillo

Sam is a kind and generous soul who puts the needs and wishes of his residents first. If you’re looking for exceptional care, great friends, a beautiful home, top quality homemade meals, tranquility, a positive atmosphere, and dedicated caregivers…..this sanctuary is the place for you!

Lavinia Ile

This Assisted Living Home is truly the best I’ve ever step foot in. I’m only 11, but grew up in this business and have seen many other homes. Thru more than 1 year of renovations, we started at just a regular 5 bedroom house, now we have a luxurious 11 bedroom home for kind-spirited residents! I loved watching my room transform along with the rest of the house. so happy to have been part of its remodel. My Dad, Sam, worked day and night for this house and it turned out MAGNIFICENT! The before and after pictures of this house will blow your mind. You’ll think this is a whole different house! There is a luxurious spa, a dining room with a beautiful player piano, a living room with leather recliners, a beautiful backyard and front patio and so so so so much more! This house is truly the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen. God bless this home and bless everyone that steps foot in it.

Aviana Ile

I have been providing hair services for the residents of Anthem Senior Living for a couple years. I have been so impressed by the caring, compassionate and hard working staff! The home is beautiful and all the residents seem so happy. I have now been fortunate to have been asked to provide services to Senior Sanctuary of Anthem also. As I approached the door for the first visit, I could see that the same attention to detail was evident in this new home also. The interior of the home is gorgeous and immaculate! Did I mention that they have provided me a beautiful salon to work in? I look forward to providing hair services to all the new residents in Senior Sanctuary of Anthem!

Nancy Penrose

Sam is truly a kind and compassionate person who goes out of his way to help others. His concern and care for all of the seniors who reside at Senior Sanctuary of Anthem gives families the peace of mind they need in placing their loved ones in an environment that is safe, healthy and beautiful. His team is professional, knowledgeable and will go above and beyond to ensure their residents needs are being met. I know that when I refer a family to Sam, he is going to take care of them. Thanks for all that you do for Anthem!

Martha Copeland

Words can hardly express how beautiful and luxurious this is home is, indoors and outdoors! And the best
part is, the care my mom is receiving! It is the most loving, patient, kind and even fun environment she or I
could ask! She is so happy and content here. What a joy! Sam, the owner/manager has put care and
loving thoughtfulness for his future residents in every inch of this completely newly remodeled home. It’s
a must see for your loved ones!

Laura Price

I personally know the team caring for mom for over 1 year. They are a class act and I’m not a very easy person to please! I can’t believe the difference in care mom is her vs. another near by facility but more importantly is how at home mom feels. I finally feel like I can pick up and travel where my business takes me and not have a single worry while I’m away! Thank you Sam and team for going above and beyond for my mom. Your efforts don’t go un-noticed!

John Duncan

I can’t thank Sam enough for the quality of care he’s giving my grammy..he truly treats the elderly like his own family members I would highly recommend this home for anyone wanting their family members to still be treated like family and not just a number.


Caring staff. Wonderful environment. Have peace of mind knowing my mom is taken care of. Beautiful home in quiet residential area. They treat the residents like family.

Linda Romani

As an RN, I have seen many senior care facilities, Anthem Senior Living is the nicest by far. The staff is caring, companionate and professional. The care they provide is personalized to meet the needs of each resident and are treated like family. The atmosphere of Anthem Senior Living is beautifully decorated with comforts of a homey feeling. The residents get to enjoy home cooked meals, weekly activities and amenities like the home theater and the spacious back yard or front court yard. Sam Ile, of Anthem Senior Living pours his heart into his passion for senior care and it shows through the faces of his residents. A wonderful place for loved ones when only the best will do.

Tracey Freeman, RN.

Sam Ile is the best! He is so dedicated to all the seniors and the people I know that live here are very happy. He is committed to making this a place that seniors love to live! Working in Anthem I know many families and the ones he works with have been satisfied with Anthem Senior living for years.

Veronica Marie

I am very impressed. Moved my mom in this year. Staff is amazing. They TRULY take care of patients and their family. They go out of their way to meet patient needs. The house is beautiful and very clean. Beautiful neighborhood. they cook very good meals. They are very organized. They have many activities for residents. Very home like environment. Mom is very happy. I would not put my mom anywhere else. The owner Sam has a true passion for meeting the needs of his residents.

shirley mohan

I have work for anthem senior living for over three years. I have worked in the assisted-living business for over eight and I have seen my share in the business I choose to work for anthem senior living because of the amount of passion, advocacy and pampering that goes on here. Your loved one will truly feel at home. Our medical team is phenomenal and Sam the owner is the best.

Lupita Carrillo


Dina Cociuba

Anthem Senior Living feels like you are going to your loved ones home. The facility is always clean, beautifully decorated, and the care is so personalized. You are treated like family the minute you move in.

Kelly Leyba

Sam and his staff are the most caring, genuine, and professional people. When you walk into Anthem Senior Living you get the feeling of home. You can tell that all of the wonderful residents truly love being there and that’s what matters the most.

Scott Zychowski

My mom Elsa, recently moved from Prescott to Anthem Senior Living, I can’t begin to express my sense of gratitude and respect for the team at ASL. The amazing care is second to none and the compassion witnessed every day I visit my mom, solidifies that I made the right choice. I visited a few facilities in Anthem and surrounding areas and you just can’t beat the quality care, expertise, amenities and servant driven leadership. To see a parent happy in Assisted Living is such a blessing. I highly recommend ASL for your loved ones

Monica Loscalzo

Sam (owner) and all of his staff provide superior care and comfort to their residents. Their home is beautiful inside and out. It is furnished with a touch of elegance, yet it is warm and homey. In our observation (as music providers), we find that Sam and the caregivers treat their residents with the highest degree of love, compassion and dignity.
Bob and Nan

Bob & Nan Gacey

After interviewing and touring multiple senior living centers… hands down Anthem Senior Living is the best place for my mother. Clean, professional, safe and a big piece of mind that my mother is well taken care of. Lupita, Carlos & Patricia treat her like family. Sam runs a great assisted living center. A first class place !

David Blaha

Sam was very gracious to have my mom for respite care. The home is lovely, staff was above and beyond helpful and friendly. And they don’t just say they do hair and massages, they actually do! We live close by and can see the traffic of services that are provided by seeing the cars always there.

Kim O'Meara

This place is beautiful & the people are amazing! Would definitely recommend this place for your loved ones. Feels like home.

Renea Paulsen

Anthem Senior Living is a beautiful, warm, and inviting assisted living home that provides amazing quality care. Sam, the owner is knowledgeable, caring, honest, and puts his whole heart into every resident and into running this home. I highly recommend him.

Anca M

Moving my Mother with Alzheimer’s was one of the hardest decisions our family has made. When we determined she could no longer live on her own we tried moving her to a large facility but it just wasn’t a good fit for her. That’s when we reached out to Sam. He spent quite a bit of time not only learning what my mom’s needs are and the person she is today but also the person she was before Alzheimer’s. With this information he immediately went to work finding and presenting the best options for her which ended with the perfect solution. Sam handled every aspect of her move and kept us informed of all the details. He truly cares and has so much respect for all our seniors and the families he helps. He took a very emotional situation for us and made it less stressful. I’m happy to say my mother now lives in a beautiful home being cared for by loving people and is very happy. We can’t thank Sam enough.

Darice Rinehart

Sam truly goes above and beyond not only for the senior community, but for all those involved in their care. He goes out of his way to help and assist anyone he comes in contact with, no hesitations. He and his associates work hard to keep our seniors healthy and happy, thanks for all you do!

Steven Bogojel

Placing my Grandpa with Sam was the best decision our family made for our loved one. The care staff was attentive and compassionate. Sam is the expertise in Senior Care. He walked our family step by step during a difficult time. He was available to my out of state family , calling daily for updates on Grandpa. Sam brought in pet therapy to bring joy to my Grandpa. He personally set up the necessary bed my Grandpa needed. All my Grandpa’s needs were met immediately . Sam and his staff guided and educated us through the hospice process.The home is impeccable .
The only regret our family has is we wish we would have placed Grandpa with this home sooner.

kori zarinegar

I highly recommend Anthem Senior Living and their team. This place is always so inviting and the seniors show that they are happy and well taken care of. Sam truly is an advocate for his seniors and rest assured that your lived one will be loved on and spoiled! If you want the best for your loved one. This is the place.

Alina Balos

We could not be happier with our decision to move my mom to Anthem Senior Living (ASL). We decided to move mom from a much larger, corporate-type, assisted living facility recently because she was not getting proper attention and her health had been suffering. The level of care and attention she receives from the ASL staff has far exceeded our expectations. We visited many facilities and small care homes during our search. From the moment we met Sam and his staff we could see how different they are from the others. The home is immaculate, the staff is loving and friendly, and most importantly, mom is getting the care she needs. They truly do a terrific job.

Chris Cioffi

What a blessing this place has been for our family! Sam and all the staff are amazing. They are so caring, professional, and patient and make everyone feel at home. Our Mom is doing so well we couldn’t be happier. It’s very hard learning your loved one needs more help than you can give them, but Sam and everyone that cares for the residents make the transition much easier.

Kim Crispo

I am so grateful that my Mom is at ASL. She gets such amazing care and constant attention for her every need. The health care is top notch. The food is amazing and the best and most wonderful is the love she receives at ASL. I believe that Sam is the best in the business and if you are able to get your loved one a spot in one of his homes jump on it. You won’t find a better care home in Anthem.

Gayla Parish

My husband Dr. Richard Leigh was a resident of ASL. He has many challenges but among some were Lewy Bodies Dementia which is a very difficult disease to work with. The team at Anthem never gave up or ever made me feel bad for the amount of work they had to put out. They always did their jobs with a great level of professionalism and heart. I recommend ASL and thank them so much for their quality care.

Kathy Leigh

I had my father Dr. J Miller at Anthem Seniors for 3 years. Being a health professional myself I was looking for the best for my father. He moved around from facility to facility prior to Sam’s team because no matter how grand the large scale facilities were, it wasn’t home. My dad enjoyed his Gin and Tonic everyday along with his Pipe, but was most important was a sense of belonging. He was able to build relationships with the other residents and staff which gave him a real sense of security. As for my family, I couldn’t have made a better decision than to have dad here. Thank you for your amazing care!

Dr. B Miller

Our mom Jimmie called Anthem Seniors her home. She had many complex health challenges, but not once did the team give up on her. They were attentive and solution oriented. Their medical team was superb and was always on top of her care. Throughout the 2 years before mom passed away they were very proactive and kept me in the loop with everything going on. Every time we took a vacation, we knew mom was in good hands. They gave us true peace of mind. Mom enjoyed her Netflix shows that they setup for her and also the monthly parties where family and friends came to enjoy. I always recommend Sam and his team and can’t thank them enough for all their hard work.

Camille Williams

Our mom Lola called Anthem Seniors home for the last 5 months of her life. Before that she spent time Anthem Senior Living for a respite stay. The staff always went above and beyond for her and our family and we couldn’t be more grateful. We often refer family and friends to Anthem Seniors because after working so closely with them, we saw firsthand their commitment and heart from their clients. Bill and I could always leave out of town knowing mom is in good hands. Thank you all so much!

Linda Rehwalt

My mom Flossie lived at Anthem Senior Living from 2010 to 2012. In these 3 years, mom would
often say, “I feel like I’m always getting more than I’m paying for” That’s saying a lot since mom
stopped working at the age of 87 and saving money was very important to her. She was treated
like a queen and mom just loved her room. She loved the care she got and would always say
that the care was incredible. I was always kept in the loop with any health condition she had
and the house doctor always has a plan in place before calling me to tell me about the problem.
This gave me a great sense of security.

Ella Hartwell

My mom Genevieve lived at Anthem Senior Living for 3 years from 2007 – 2009. We have so
many pictures with mom smiling at the home and the staff was always wonderful to share great
memories with us. Our family visited often and couldn’t’ be more grateful that the last years
mom was with us, she was in a great place receiving amazing care. When her level of care
changed they never increased the rate on us. They were always honest and ethical. And in
today’s’ business world… That’s hard to find! Thank you.

Greg Langdon

My mom Tiny lived at Anthem Senior Living for 3 years. Even at the age of 107 she was able to verbalize how much she enjoyed her home. The staff was always very accommodating and each resident there is treated like the most important resident there. My family visited often and we were always welcome and felt part of the family!

Harriet Guimil

I wanted to thank you and your staff for all you do for me. Everyone goes out of their way for me. I know I’m a picky client but the workers never make me feel like I am. They always asks if there is something more he can do for me. Thank you all very much. I feel like I have a second family.

Fred Wallace

My dad Ben who was just a month shy of his 99th birthday couldn’t be happier with his home.
The staff treated him very well and dad would always tell me how happy he was there. He stays
busy with all the activities and loved getting a massage every week. I’ll be forever grateful to
the incredible care dad received.

Milene Feldman

Our Mom Loretta was treated like gold by the Anthem Senior Living team. From the all the different Cancers mom was fighting, they adapted and to her care needs. They never gave up on her nor did they just give us notice because they always have a waiting list. Mom loved dogs so they always had dogs visiting her and it just made her day. At the end of the day, from the owners all the way down… they are just good people doing a incredible job. We couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you

Frank and Brenda Bijak

My mom Eve lived at Anthem Senior Living for 4 years and she absolutely loved it there. She was never shy to speak her mind so the fact that mom lived there that long is really saying a lot. Mom loved the staff and the other residents and there was a real sense of family that she was apart of. Even when mom had to move out due to financial reasons, they made sure she ended up in a great place. They still visited her at her new place and still sent their massage therapist to keep her feeling loved. I couldn’t ask for better care and I’m very pleased with all the care and love they gave my mom!

Cathy Hess

My husband Dr. Christianson resided at Anthem Senior Living and couldn’t begin to say enough good things. The staff truly has a heart for what they do. We always knew what the status of my husbands health was and their medical staff was always very proactive in making sure he was thriving and not in pain. They treated us like family and were always so kind to us. We recommend Anthem Senior Living to anyone looking for quality senior care in Anthem.


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Anthem Senior Living has carved a niche for itself through our high level Anthem assisted living care to seniors in the Phoenix area and we strive hard so that we can maintain our status which we have achieved through our impeccable services in senior living in Anthem. Anthem Senior Living is considered to be one of the best assisted Anthem living care providers in Arizona. Get the best assisted living experience over here as we have expertise in all levels of care for an elderly person which will not only enrich his or her life but also will make them look forward to newer happenings in their lives. Get in touch with us to know more about our assisted senior living care services.

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