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Useful Gifts For Senior Loved Ones In Assisted Living In Phoenix

  • September 27, 2019 BY  Anthem Seniors
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Giving the perfect gift to a senior loved one in an assisted living facility can be challenging. There’s no denying that it can be tough to find the perfect gift that shows how much you care.

Assisted living facilities offer round-the-clock care and support to older adults suffering from memory and mobility issues. Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix is an award-winning assisted living Anthem facility in the Phoenix region in AZ with our newly opened Senior Sanctuary Of Anthem having seen great success in a short span of time.

Senior loved ones have received a lifetime of gifts, but there’s no denying that their needs have changed over the years. Older adults in assisted living might be dealing with health issues or have needs for routine items that normally skips the mind.

Take a look at useful holiday gifts for your loved ones in senior living. The gifts are not only thoughtful, but creative and meaningful at the same time:

Custom Playlist On Their iPod– This is a great gift particularly for the tech-savvy senior or an elderly person who loves music. Customize the playlist and put it on a smartphone or tablet for quick access on their part. Choose songs that bring back special memories or take them back to a specific place or time that added substance to their lives at that point.

Gift Cards For Spa/Salon Services– If your parents or grandparents are very prim and proper and never skips their monthly skin and hair appointment, there can be no better gift than gift cards for salon/spa services.

A Gadget Of Choice– Seniors these days are very tech-savvy, so a gadget, such as a tablet or high-end smartphone can be a great gift which will keep your loved one connected and engaged.

Photobook or Scrapbook– Purchase a custom photo book from a photo website, or you can also put together your own scrapbook of family and friends by having prints made where you could highlight a family get-together, or any of your favorite picture from the year so far. Your photobook or scrapbook can be a great piece of conversation for new friends that come over.

Puzzles or Puzzle Games– This is a great gift that is fun and engaging at the same time because it is something that gives the chance to both you and your loved one to work on together.

Electronic Photo Frames– Digital photo frames are a great way to put your family’s photos that could be loaded and set up for your loved one. It is a great idea to keep your beloved who live faraway involved and updated on your daily activities.

Your Precious Time- There cannot be a more valuable gift for your loved one than spending time with you. Make it a point to visit your parents or grandparents more often, or having weekly dinners.

Other gift ideas:

  1. Adult coloring books
  2. Activity books for visiting grandchildren
  3. Desk or wall calendars
  4. Bathrobes and slippers
  5. E-Reader
  6. Food items (your loved one’s favorite cookies, candies, jams, crackers, cheeses, meats or other snacks)
  7. Wireless headphones
  8. Fitness tools
  9. A reading lamp
  10. All-occasion greeting cards and stamps
  11. Personal toiletry items
  12. Craft items

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