The Complete Guide To Dementia Care In Assisted Living Facilities

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With the aging population growing and more people suffering from these cognitive disorders, dementia, which includes Alzheimer’s disease, is becoming a bigger topic of discussion in American healthcare.

About 5.8 million people were estimated to have Alzheimer’s disease in 2020, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. By 2060, 14 million people are projected to be living in that country. Many people may require more care than their families can provide once their dementia has worsened, necessitating placement in a long-term care facility, such as an assisted living community or a nursing home.

For older persons struggling with cognitive decline or dementia, some of these facilities offer great care and assistance. Others might not. And if you’re thinking about putting a loved one in an assisted living home that provides dementia care, there are a few things you should take into account when determining whether a particular community is best for you.

The Dementia Care Practice Recommendations booklet from the Alzheimer’s Association explains the best ways to care for those who have dementia. These recommendations describe what constitutes high-quality care for people with dementia and assist put the patient at the center of the discourse when it comes to all aspects of long-term care.

How the care for these people is organized and what programs and activities are provided are frequently what distinguishes one assisted living facility for a person with dementia from another facility. A common element among all patients is the importance of structure and a routine, even if therapy must be customized for each patient. It may have previously been lacking, but its framework can give inhabitants a crucial sense of independence and self-control.

A resident will typically require more care as their dementia worsens. Due to this, some communities are designed with levels of care that residents can advance through as necessary.

Care Activities for Dementia

  • Reading a book with a friend or engaging in one-on-one conversation are two activities that are especially suited for people with dementia.
  • Simple crafts, which you enjoy.
  • Chatting about music while you’re listening to it, or humming and singing along.
  • Putting puzzles together.
  • Joint browsing of photo albums while remembering happy times.
  • Exercise can include things like going for a walk in the park or just going outside to breathe some fresh air.
  • Visiting with animals, such as therapy dogs that have been brought in with the express purpose of enhancing touch sensitivity and fostering a sense of unwavering love.

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