When I talk to my Mom on the phone she brags about her new home.

  • May 05, 2023 BY  Ginger Simmons

I have written reviews before but, none as important as this one. My Mother is currently living at one of Sam’s homes. It was one of the hardest decisions our family has ever had to make. Not because we heard awful things about Sam’s homes, actually just the opposite. We tried to keep my Mother in her home after my Father/Grandpa had passed, with a 24 hour caregiver. My Mother became more confused, agitated, and extremely depressed. She also lost a significant amount of weight. We met with Sam, Tracy, Jordin, and Ernesto and instantly knew the only place we would ever want our Mother/Grandma to live was with them. It was heart breaking trying to explain to my Mom why she could no longer take care of herself. It took her a few weeks to adjust to her new, beautiful and loving home. She now she refers to the house as her home. She has also put a little weight on thanks to the delicious and healthy meals combined with a patient and loving environment. Each and every person in her new home has shown her so much love and kindness. Tracy takes her to workout at “her gym” 3 times per week, she helps Jordin & Ernesto prepare meals, set the table, goes grocery shopping and loves “working” in her beautiful yard & garden. ASL has given my Mom a purpose to live. We truly feel our Mom/ Grandma is there to live her life, not to die. There are no other facilities like ASL anywhere. Sam’s homes are nothing like nursing homes or memory care institutions. When I talk to my Mom on the phone she brags about her new home, laughs, is pleasant and always has “something” to do. Prior to moving in to her ASL home my Mom would sit home with nothing to do, she felt overwhelmed and could not even imagine a future without her husband. I am finally able to sleep through the night without waking up in a panic worrying about all the awful things that could be happening with or to my Mom. I will be forever grateful to Sam and the caring, compassionate people at my “Mom’s home”:)! Thank you! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! ASL homes set the standard for how every loved one should be taken care of in their Golden Years:)


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