I can’t express enough my gratitude for such a wonderful place Sam has created!

  • December 17, 2020 BY  Jen Cody

My step-dad recently moved in and is living at the Senior Sanctuary of Anthem. I had the pleasure of visiting him over the Christmas holiday for the first time.
I am incredibly impressed by this Assisted Living facility that Sam has created. What an amazing place! I met Carlos and Jackie – they are just incredible human beings. Gentle, loving and so confident in what they do especially being so young! I can tell they take great care of all the elderly residents especially my step-dad and that really makes my heart smile and puts me at ease.
I stayed for Christmas dinner and Jackie made a delicious home cooked meal, wow! The food is gourmet for sure. I can’t express enough my gratitude for such a wonderful place. Great care, attention to detail and a real sense of home. Sam even mentioned that my step-dad “is part of our family and we try our best to love on him”. Not many places are like this. Those values I know start with Sam and trickle down to the culture of the home. Thank you so much, Sam, and deep deep gratitude for you!!