Steps To Preserve Your Cognitive Ability

  • November 24, 2021 BY  Anthem Seniors
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Wish to keep your mind sharp over the long haul? Want to preserve your brain health as you age? It is very much within your means with the right lifestyle and behavior choices. Poor dietary habits, lack of exercise, inadequate sleep, stress- all put your brain health in jeopardy. It is important that everyone works towards preserving their cognitive vitality since a decline in your cognitive abilities takes a toll on one’s quality of life. Also, why think that far or negative when there are interventions that can boost brain and thinking power.

America already has a whopping 5 million people living with Alzheimer’s disease that compromises one’s ability to live by interfering with the memory, decision-making, and much more. The fact that Alzheimer’s is a progressive condition and there’s still no cure makes it far worse. It is only when we are much older that we realize the significance of boosting brain health, which actually should have happened when young. When you start practicing brain-healthy habits from young, the chances of long-term brain health are higher.

So here are a few steps for better brain health and the best quality of life:

Exercise regularly– Work out at least 30 minutes every day, which will positively affect your brain and keep it from aging. Consult with your doctor and arrive at an appropriate exercise regimen to reap the most benefits. Activities like walking, swimming, weight training are good.

Engage in mind stimulating activities– It is equally important to stimulate the mind to improve mental function. Some good activities for that are solving crossword puzzles, playing chess, learning a new language, taking up a hobby, etc. These are some of the evidence-based activities that keep the mind sharp as you age and helps maintain cognition in the senior years.

Eat brain-protective foods– Foods, too, play a role in preserving brain health. Experts recommend the Mediterranean, DASH, and MIND eating styles for the purpose of brain. These diets focus on foods that are good sources of vitamins, nutrients and healthy fats, such as fruits and vegetables, nuts, fatty fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel that contain the Omega-3 fats, that positively impacts brain function and health, which, in turn, is responsible for our emotions, cognitive abilities, neuroprotection and synaptic plasticity.

Stay socially engaged (of course, in keeping with all the COVID protocols) – Loneliness and social isolation can wreak havoc on your cognitive health leading to memory loss and other-related problems. It is wise to protect against social isolation and depression to lower risk of cognitive impairment.

Stress less and receive adequate sleep– Chronic stress can put you at the receiving end of a host of diseases, including poor concentration, heart disease, and even brain damage. You must learn how to manage stress well, and the answer lies in making a few small tweaks in your lifestyle and learning some ways to cope. Deep breathing, meditation, practicing mindfulness- all help. Also, don’t forget to get 7-9 hours of quality sleep every day.

Some other useful steps:

  1. Exercise caution to avoid any type of brain injury
  2. Keep the risks for heart problems under check, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood glucose levels
  3. Keep learning to keep the gray cells stimulated all through your life
  4. Stay informed about any chronic illness and mange it well, and also review your medications from time to time, so that nothing puts your brain in harm’s way

Memory care and Anthem assisted living facilities vouch for these steps and want people to start practicing brain-healthy behaviors.