Some Easy Ways For Older Adults To Manage Stress

  • September 22, 2021 BY  Anthem Seniors
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No matter your age, staying in good shape is necessary at any age, and this need to stay in tip-top condition is even more important with increasing age. Stress is inevitable regardless of your age. You cannot run away from it, but obviously follow some tips to deal with it efficiently. It is important to manage your stress well for both younger and older adults since it is at the root of many diseases, including high blood pressure, increased cortisol (stress hormones) production, rapid breathing, compromised immune system, and the life-threatening heart disease, and also Alzheimer’s disease.

It isn’t just youngsters that have to deal with stressful situations, so they await their retirement years with bated breath for that peace of mind. However, seniors too, do confront stressful situations in the form of loss of a loved one, injuries (from falls due to may be mobility issues), health conditions, such as dementia, and new living conditions, for example, a transition to senior care living in Anthem in the hope of higher-quality life. Stress can take a toll on someone’s both physical and mental well-being. Stress can take a toll on sleep, lead to poor concentration, short term memory loss, depression, and more.

Outlining the various ways to effectively deal with stress and alleviate its negative effects:

Meditate– The role meditation can play in relieving your stress cannot be overstated. This is one of the most effective stress management measures. Taking part in mindful meditation daily, which could be taking deep breaths or performing stretches or practicing a couple of minutes of silence, can help relieve your stress and tension, and help bring your focus back.

Exercise- Exercise is one of the best ways to deal with every day stress. Build workout plans in collaboration with your doctor tailored to your current health in order to avoid injuries. Exercising regularly keeps your spirits high, boosts physical health and increases mental clarity. Some popular physical activities for older adults include yoga, walking, swimming, cycling and chair exercises.

Spend time with loved ones– Nothing can substitute happy times with loved ones or a pet for that matter. These are some of the most joyful activities for stress management. Talking to someone you love and trust or playing with your pet can help you easily navigate stressful situations. Not to mention the relaxing effect that playing with your pet has.

Other tips:

  1. Receive sufficient sleep
  2. Practice yoga
  3. Try new hobbies/activities
  4. Set positive goals
  5. Resort to some music
  6. Explore nature
  7. Remember to laugh

Following the aforementioned tips can help ease stress, which is a major cause of memory loss. So if you wish to prevent memory loss and enhance your recall power, do everything within your means to minimize stress. Residents at Anthem Senior Living live a life of happiness devoid of stress, which we ensure through our 24/7 care by certified staff, cozy suites, and all other amenities and services we offer. To book a suite for your loved one, contact Anthem Senior Living at 602.909.9550. Call us to schedule a personal tour with your beloved.

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