Senior Citizens Can Hugely Benefit By Simple Acts Of Kindness

  • December 17, 2019 BY  Anthem Seniors
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There cannot be anything better than a random act of kindness that can immediately brighten up someone’s day. Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix, AZ encourages everyone to take a special focus on being kind to senior citizens, who could specifically benefit hugely by the simple act of kindness which virtually costs nothing. Being kind to someone not only boosts their self-confidence, but also improves their health.

Assisted living facilities, such as the acclaimed Anthem Senior Living have been designed for older adults suffering from memory or mobility issues. They have programs that are customized to the needs of the senior residents. Experienced caregivers offer round-the-clock assisted care and support.

Here are a few ways you can make the most out of your visit to an assisted living facility in Phoenix:

Prepare Your Loved One’s Favorite Meal– The transition to a senior living community can be difficult for your senior loved one. The best way to get your loved one further acclimatized to their new surroundings is by cooking one of their favorite meals before your next visit to the facility. Not only will they feel at home, but also will make your bonding stronger by allowing you to spend some much-required quality time together.

Carry Out The Chores– Your loved one can get stuck with the mundane chores, so take some time out of your visit to help out with the chores which is keeping your beloved from getting out and being active in the facility. Carrying out chores can take a lot of time which could be saved if you go ahead with helping them out with washing the dishes, organizing their books, etc. Any bit of help is a great way to show you care for them.

Initiate A Conversation– During your next visit to an assisted facility, take a moment to initiate a conversation with someone nearby as not everyone in senior living has family members that can pay visit on a daily basis. Discuss about their day, ask them about their past since senior citizens have a lifetime of experiences to reflect on, what they love doing the most in the community, what they love to eat and so forth. You never know how great your random act of kindness can be to an individual, it can make a huge difference. Even a quick exchange of a few words can be enough to make an individual living with memory problems feel like themselves again in the moment.

Another generous and personalized way of showing kindness is by gifting gift cards which can be utilized in numerous ways, especially for older adults as gift cards allows to not only gift them with something, but also shows the fact that you are being attentive to their interests by investing in a place where they generally spend money on products.

Senior health challenges Anthem Senior Living works with include dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lewy Bodies Dementia, Companionship Care, high blood pressure, cancer, respiratory diseases, heart disease and more.