Reasons Memory Care Is The Best For Those Struggling With Dementia

  • February 22, 2022 BY  Anthem Seniors
  • Anthem Senior Living

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia is daunting, and also challenging for someone caring for the individual diagnosed with it. A time may come when the caregiver may have to look for support to meet the needs and fulfill the demands of the individual, as well as to avoid caregiver burnout. This is where memory care comes into the picture.

Memory care is considered the best form of senior living in Anthem designed to cater to the various needs of those struggling with a form of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, and offer the required peace of mind to their family members that comes with the knowledge that their loved ones are in safe hands receiving the best care.

Memory care shares a resemblance to residential care in that memory care (for example the one provided by the award-winning Anthem Senior Living) includes private suites, along with three delicious home-cooked meals prepared fresh daily, plus snacks. This doesn’t end here. Memory care services include specialized programming- care plans tailored to resident needs- to help improve the overall quality of residents’ life. Activities like pet therapy, music therapy, memory games, scheduled entertainment, events and outings are at the core of these programs.

Here are some of Anthem Senior Living’s senior-friendly services for our dementia residents:

Medical doctor on staff– This not just means round-the-clock care by certified staff, but also they help with devising long-term plans, preventative care, are equipped to handle multiple conditions, and contribute to overall improvements in residents’ quality of life through proper and timely diagnosis that leads to timely treatment.

You’d be happy to know that the care ratio at Anthem Senior Living in Phoenix is of 1 to 5, and our staffs are trained in all levels of care.

Scheduled hydration– It is a priority on the part of our staff to work at preventing dehydration by encouraging residents to drink at regular intervals 24/7. Lower intake of fluids is associated with hospitalization, disability and death.

Weekly hair and nail services– This is a crucial part of our residents’ care plan. Individuals dealing with dementia may need help with personal grooming like massages, pedicures, manicures, hairdressing, and Anthem Senior Living completely lives up to this aspect. Not to mention how enjoyable such treats are for them that boosts their mood as they are made to look and feel awesome.

Transportation- Transportation is one of our sought-after services, which gives an opportunity to dementia residents to socialize more translating into their psychosocial well-being. Anthem Senior Living offers safe and convenient transportation options not just for attending scheduled appointments or to visit local attractions, but also for something as simple as for them to get that fresh breeze.

Contrary to the popular belief of dementia adults preferring staying at home, spending time with their hobbies, and just recalling some happy moments of life, a lot of seniors actually still enjoy going out to soak in the outdoors. This can actually build stronger cognitive health. For a tour of the acclaimed Anthem Senior Living or to book a suite, call us on 602.909.9550.