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  • May 03, 2024 BY  Anthem Seniors
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Going through surgery is not a simple affair and takes a lot to get back on track. Starting from regaining strength physically to getting better emotionally, takes time, and in cases of severe operations, getting back to normal both physically and emotionally gets a bit difficult.

And these things get more complicated once you reach your golden era age, but not anymore as you appropriate senior care in Anthem. With professional health support, North Phoenix Assisted Living facilitates amenities that not only support wellness and care for the residents but also ensure a memorable experience. 

Instructions to be Followed

At Anthem, our staffs are well trained and are successful in presenting better care services to the residents. However, certain instructions are required to be followed for faster recovery and cure of the residents. Following are the ways that are being practiced in the Anthem Senior for taking care of the residents in Arizona.

In taking Proper Nutrition

Consuming healthy and nutritious meals helps your body to heal faster than usual. It is necessary to include fruits, whole grains, vegetables, healthy fats, and lean proteins in your diet that support your immune system better. Other than this, turmeric, garlic, and ginger work highly effectively for possessing anti-inflammatory properties in your body.

When it comes to meals, we have an expert team that serves 3 times healthy meals along with nutritious snacks throughout the entire day. Our staff makes sure that healthy meals are properly taken by our residents and we maintain proper time for meals since digestion’s timing matters as well.

Rehabilitation Exercises

Exercise is considered one of the most important effective ways to gain immunity normally and ensures a better lifestyle. Moreover, exercises need to be performed both for physical and emotional health conditions too, which supports recovering the trauma post-surgery.

At Anthem, you are going to experience a soothing way to get treated by attending rehabilitation exercises that help to reduce the trauma or grief after any severe surgery. Through the help of skilled and experienced staff, we help the residents to live better lives by reducing post-traumatic stress and others.

We include some of the common exercises such as motion exercises, low-impact activities, and stretching exercises that focus on the well-being of the residents both physically and emotionally.

Support for Emotions and Positive Mindset

Massage therapy is provided to our residents for having an impactful relaxation. After surgery, people seek emotional support and want to live nearby with close friends and family. Most people go through emotional stress that can turn into worse, if not attended on time.

More or less, it is all about taking proper time to care for your loved ones who have gone through severe surgery. Wondering where you can get this, Anthem Senior is here to facilitate every means to feel better and get better.

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