Interesting Smart Tech Devices To Ensure Safety Of Your Older Parents

  • August 07, 2020 BY  Anthem Seniors
  • Anthem Senior Sanctuary

Smart home technology has made lives so easy, and can go a long way toward making life better for our parents and senior loved ones. At the same time, you don’t want to waste your money on technology your your loved one never bothers to use, or something that doesn’t make their lives any easier in any perceivable way.

Here’s a list of some smart tech devices that’ll ensure your loved one’s safety at all times:
Smart Home Sensors– Smart home sensors are a great tool that can enable families giving an aging senior their independence, while making sure they get the level of care they need and ensuring their safety. Smart home sensors for seniors often have a component that makes it easy to call for help if there’s an emergency.

Smart Lights– Falls are the number one cause of injury among older adults. It is estimated that one-third of seniors fall every year and 2.3 million of them end up in the emergency room because of a fall. Installing good lighting throughout your loved one’s house is the need of the hour, it can reduce your parent’s or senior loved one’s risk of a fall. Smart lights can enable them to easily turn on a light from wherever they are, either through a smartphone app or, if connected to a smart home assistant, with a voice command meaning one will never have to walk across a dark room to get to the light switch.

Smart Medication Dispensers– Older adults often have a number of meds they have to try and remember to take at specific times throughout the day, but unfortunately it is the time in life when their memory’s most likely to fail. This is where smart medication dispensers can be instrumental in automating the process of getting the right pills to your loved one at the right time, every day.

Here’s a list of top gizmos and gadgets for senior people 65 years age and older popular among netizens who’ve older parents:

  1. Robotic Vacuums
  2. Home Assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home
  3. Voice-Activated Outlets (you can connect home assistant like the Echo or Google Home to smart outlet adapters which allows you to turn your outlet on and off with a simple voice command)
  4. Virtual Reality (VR) Goggles
  5. Rideshare Services like Uber and Lyft (you just need a smartphone and the app)

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