How Technical Gadgets Can Assist Senior Living?

  • July 14, 2022 BY  Anthem Seniors
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The use of portable monitors by seniors to check their blood pressure, heart rate, or other medical issues may be advised by many doctors. These gadgets can be found as blood pressure cuffs, diabetes monitors, and smartwatches. Doctors can observe patients from a distance by using this technique, sometimes known as “automated hovering.”

However, elders also run the risk of falling. According to the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, older individuals experience about 36 million falls annually. In about 20% of these falls, there are fractures, head damage, or other injuries.

Seniors can immediately warn authorities when accidents or injuries, including falls, happen by using personal medical alert systems. According to the Washington Post, more than 3 million people currently own wearable medical alert gadgets.

Reason for Medical Alert System

If elderly people who still live alone are unable to immediately call for aid or access it, a fall or medical emergency could quickly turn deadly. Security, safety, comfort, and peace of mind can be obtained through alert systems.


Medical alert systems are often lightweight and can be worn as bracelets, pendants, or smartwatches. The subtle designs are meant to make them more practical and less embarrassing, and they are less bulky or conspicuous. They offer a speedier alternative to picking up the phone, keeping track of phone numbers, or punching multiple buttons.

Easy Installation

The main home unit of the majority of senior medical alert systems resembles a smart speaker or answering machine. For communication with the organizations who watch after them, they also have two-way speakers. Once they are linked to a power supply and phone line, the majority are ready to go.

Monitoring Living Space

Environmental sensors are also a part of certain systems, and they can warn you when there is a fire or when the carbon monoxide level is too high. They might also instantly notify monitoring stations or first responders, depending on the method you chose.

Anthem Role

The staff at Anthem makes the best use of technology during emergencies. The resident’s needs can be monitored strongly by the use of technology. All the staffs are highly skilled and experienced with the assisted living needs and requirements of the seniors.  Anthem Assisted Living has been rendering 5-star facilities in the adjoining region to make the residents lead a happy life in a pristine environment.

The timely surveillance of the staff ensures that the residents are not left unattended. Be it for friendly services such as Weekly Massage Therapy, Daily Exercise, or Food, the members are ready to deal with any challenges. With the help of creative programs delivered in a supervised setting, we hope to improve and enrich the quality of life of our residents. The Alzheimer’s Association has given its staff members specific training. Memory care staff members are trained to give round-the-clock, specialized care to people with dementia or any other cognitive disease.

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