Grow Independently With Anthem Senior Living

  • September 20, 2022 BY  Anthem Seniors
  • Anthem Senior Living

The ultimate objective for elderly people can be independence. Living independently without additional support is a very limited definition of independence in this context. It involves thriving in a way that promotes a feeling of freedom in one’s life. What does it take to reach that level of independence and keep it throughout age, then?

Let’s quickly review what we at Anthem Senior Living have covered so far and look at how each of these elements works together to help seniors maintain their independence for longer.

1. Nutritious Eating

It’s crucial to recognize these changes and address senior nutrition appropriately because dietary requirements and realities vary as we age. The aging process necessitates a particularly keen focus on body-related issues, from differences in bone mass and muscle to increasing risks for developing chronic diseases and health disorders. Prioritizing those issues in a way that promotes sustained independence requires using a healthy approach to diet.

2. Consistent Exercise

Healthy aging depends on appropriate physical activity, which provides seniors who incorporate it into their everyday life with a multitude of advantages. One of the best and most crucial strategies a senior can employ in the interest of healthy aging and preserving independence is exercise. Consistently partaking in a good amount of exercise benefits:

  • Stop the loss of bone.
  • Reduce the risk of chronic illness and cognitive aging.
  • Alleviate the discomfort and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis.
  • Improve disease resistance.
  • Better mental health and mood.

Seniors are more likely to benefit from physical activity the more they include it in their daily lives. Exercise is an essential component of the equation if you value healthy aging and preserving your freedom as long as feasible.

3. Play-Based Approach

Playtime should be prioritized since it supports physical, mental, and emotional health and preserves a healthy sense of independence in seniors, even though they may easily miss this component. All of it begins in the brain. Mid-brain neurons start to light up and form connections throughout the brain as playfulness begins to emerge in a person’s life. Even for elderly people, neuro health benefits from any condition or activity that forges new connections in the brain.

The play has numerous other health and emotional advantages, including increasing energy levels, releasing endorphins, reducing stress and discomfort, and forging stronger bonds and a deeper feeling of purpose and connection. Age doesn’t diminish the value or importance of play, and teaching seniors how to rearrange their priorities can be quite beneficial. In the end, it leads to a feeling of freedom, which is ultimately what “living independently” is all about. Contact us right away at Anthem Senior Living or set up a free visit to Anthem, AZ 85086, US to know how we offer a wide range of services and opportunities to enhance the health and wellbeing of our residents.