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  • October 12, 2022 BY  Anthem Seniors
  • Anthem Senior Sanctuary

Everybody affected by Alzheimer’s or dementia may find it difficult, and you may experience a range of emotions or wonder about your loved one’s future health. However, the voyage may seem less scary if you are more aware of what to anticipate and how to prepare.

Moreover, you don’t have to go through this by yourself. Memory care communities are fantastic settings that are perfect for persons with Alzheimer’s and dementia if they do feel like they need outside help. Research demonstrates that Anthem Senior living in memory care at AZ, 85086, US, facilities frequently enjoy a higher quality of life than they do when they reside at home.

Who needs Memory Care?

Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia patients may benefit from specialist care known as memory care. The majority of communities have safe spaces where personnel can keep a careful eye on residents’ health. The residents of memory care facilities can also take part in programs, activities, and events that are intended to improve their cognitive skills while also allowing them to pursue their interests and pastimes.

Characteristics of our Memory Care communities

Nobody should have to lower their quality of life because they are suffering from memory loss, regardless of how much you care about them. Through our daily path of engagement, our residents spend their days in the company of individuals they are familiar with and who support them in finding enjoyment in life, a sense of belonging and purpose, and maintenance of their present skills. Depending on the community, you may also be able to access specialized programming that helps fulfill the particular requirements of people in the early, medium, and late stages of Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

A few examples of how we assist the seniors in our memory care programs to make the most of this stage of their lives are as follows:

Secure Environment

Many of our communities include doorbells at the entrances and exits to tracks that enter the building and keep external doors locked with keypad inputs around-the-clock. To allow inhabitants to enjoy the outdoors while still living in the neighborhood, several places also have enclosed courtyards.

Relationship-Rich Care

We believe in giving each resident individualized care as we are all unique and want to provide high-quality care. When doing so, it may be necessary to approach some people differently than others. Every action is taken to get to know each resident as a unique individual and take into account their specific requirements and interests when formulating their care plan.

Exceptional services

Your loved one should be able to live a whole life where they are respected and cared for. For just that, we offer services. While also providing assistance throughout the day—during meals, taking medications, showering, and more—our team takes care of household duties like washing and housekeeping. Along with dementia-friendly meals, individualized service during the meal, and regular seating to promote familiarity, your loved one will also benefit from a supportive dining experience. Rated with five-star facilities in the adjacent area, it gives plenty of opportunities to look out for the friends and families of the individuals affected with the cognitive disease. Drop in or dial 602.909.9550 for making a query at Anthem Senior living.