Follow These Steps To Protect Yourself From The Novel Coronavirus

  • November 10, 2020 BY  Anthem Seniors
  • Anthem Senior Living, Anthem Senior Sanctuary

There’s no denying that the pandemic has become a part of our daily lives since March 2020, and no one really knows how long this situation is going to be for. With vaccine still in development and death toll rising every day, it remains as important as ever to stay vigilant and know how to protect yourself and others from coronavirus. There’s also no denying that good hygiene and social distancing are the only ways out.

The key to preventing the illness is to avoid being exposed to the virus. This highly contagious virus seems to be most commonly spread during close (within 6 feet) person-to-person contact through respiratory droplets when mucus or droplets containing the virus get into your body through your eyes, nose or throat.

Here are a few tips from Anthem Seniors- an acclaimed Anthem assisted living facility in the region- on how you can protect yourself and others from the virus:

  1. Learn how it spreads
  2. Practice social distancing
  3. Wash your hands
  4. Wear a mask
  5. Restrict your travel
  6. Watch for symptoms, which can include fever or chills, cough, fatigue, muscle or body aches, sore throat, shortness of breath, congestion or runny nose, new loss of smell or taste, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea.

Mostly it can be seen that the virus spreads from one person to the next through hands, which is why, time and again experts have emphasized washing your hands frequently with soap and water. Hand washing is more than just running your fingers under the water for a few seconds. To help kill any germs and viruses that may be lingering, you must use clear running water (warm water preferable), lather and scrub your hands all over for at least 20 seconds, including between fingers and under nails, rinse hands well and dry them safely. Effective handwashing is the most important step you can take to protect yourself against novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), and to keep others from getting infected.

Following these good handwashing practices will stand you in good stead:

  1. Wet your hands with warm water, and then apply enough soap to cover wet hands.
  2. Scrub all surfaces of the hands for at least 20 seconds – including back of hands, between fingers (rub soap in between your fingers) and under nails. Do not forget the thumbs, which very frequently come in contact with doors, faucets, and more. Make sure you are creating a lot of suds before you go ahead with scrubbing the backs of your hands.
  3. Finally, rinse your hands thoroughly with warm water.
  4. Dry your hands well. To turn off the faucet, it is best you use a paper towel to do so and also to open a public restroom door once you’ve cleaned your hands.

Make sure to always carry a hand sanitizer containing at least 60 percent ethanol, as you might not have access to soap and water if you are at a public place. Also, avoid touching your face when you are outside. As the global COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic evolves, Anthem Seniors has beefed up all our safety measures so that our residents continue to enjoy all they love about life without any fear. Contact us at 602.909.9550 to schedule a private tour of our facility.