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  • May 18, 2022 BY  Anthem Seniors
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Anthem’s magnificent ambiance delivers high-quality nursing, dementia, and residential care in a beautiful setting. In addition, they have dedicated staff to take care of the daily needs of the elderly. Residents enjoy our visits to nearby points of interest. Residents and their loved ones can relax in our beautifully designed gardens and outdoor space. Senior Living In Anthem is a lifetime experience for those aged individuals who need utmost care, compassionate monitoring, and personalized medical attention with a sprinkle of love, respect, and bonding.

Our devoted lifestyle team at Anthem Senior puts together a diverse calendar of activities tailored to the needs of our residents. There is something for everyone, from coffee mornings to workout courses, potteries, and quizzes to cheese and wine tasting. If your loved one has a hobby or interest, we will encourage them to pursue it. We take pleasure in our services, and we’re thrilled to be recognized as the area’s only 5-star institution. The elderly individuals have been deeply amazed by the services since their inception. The in-house clinical team controls all aspects of the residents’ protection, while the daily staff assists with daily living duties and pampers them with Love, Respect, and Compassion.

If your loved one is looking for additional social stimulation and wants to have fun and meet new people in a warm and accepting environment, Senior Living In Anthem might be a suitable fit. They may believe it is time to delegate daily responsibilities such as cooking, laundry, cleaning, and home maintenance to others. Due to changes in their mobility or health, their home may no longer be the safest place for them.

Our skilled and kind caregivers deliver high-quality services, adapting every element of your close one’s care to their specific needs.

Our caregivers get to know your needs well enough to understand what they find difficult and require assistance with, as well as what they can still accomplish independently. We can assist your loved one with everything from bathing and clothing to mobilization and simply living a more social and satisfying life. Furthermore, we are only a few seconds away at any time of day or night, offering you and your family members complete peace of mind.

Every one of our residences has a Lifestyle staff that plans events, entertainment, outings, and experiences based on your loved one’s interests and hobbies. We also believe in assisting your loved ones in maintaining their autonomy. Making their drinks, assisting with the dishes, gardening, or even creating a club are all possibilities.

Our chef-led culinary teams are dedicated to providing high-quality cuisine to residents, and the chef will be one of the first people your loved one meets when they arrive. They’ll find out what your loved one’s favorite foods are and if they have any special dietary requirements, so they can start preparing delectable delicacies specifically for them. Seniors can visit the facility in person at Anthem, AZ 85086, or call 602.909.9550.

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