Diabetes Awareness With Anthem Assisted Living

  • November 30, 2022 BY  Anthem Seniors
  • Anthem Senior Advantage

Every age group, with seniors, in particular, should be aware that diabetes is a very deadly illness. There are measures older persons may take to stay as healthy as possible, regardless of whether they have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

Let’s examine excellent strategies from the experts of Anthem Assisted Living for assisting elders in managing their diabetes.

  • Each Day’s Glucose Test

To control their diabetes, diabetics must constantly check their blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels should often be checked by patients of doctors first thing in the morning, before breakfast. This will give a clear picture of how long it has been since a person last had food, or what their fasting blood sugar level is.

To make sure that the appropriate levels are being maintained, a doctor could also advise the seniors to check their blood glucose levels at several points during the day. To track their overall blood sugar readings over time, diabetics must perform this action each day.

  • Exercising

Under one’s physical limitations, it is one of the finest ways for seniors to control their diabetes.

Exercise is not just good for older individuals in general, but it also has a big impact on decreasing blood sugar levels. Seniors with diabetes should engage in as much physical activity as possible, whether it is walking, yoga, arm or leg stretches, or another activity.

  • Medication & Healthy Eating

Healthy dietary practices are the cornerstone of diabetes care for seniors. A smart method to keep sugar levels as low as possible is to avoid foods with a lot of sugar and those high in carbohydrates and fat.

A senior’s doctor can make arrangements for them to see a dietitian if they need assistance learning more about how to make good dietary choices. These experts have received specialized training in instructing individuals on the proper foods to consume.

Also crucial is that elderly diabetics continuously take their medication each day as directed by their doctor.

  • Other Tests & A1C

Senior diabetics should regularly check their blood sugar and undergo numerous crucial tests every three to four months. A1C is one of them; it gauges a person’s blood sugar levels over 90 days.

Tests for cholesterol, triglycerides, sodium levels, as well as general kidney and liver function, should also be performed as part of additional blood work.

  • Drinking Enough Water

Seniors with diabetes can reduce their blood sugar levels by just drinking water regularly. One of the main reasons why diabetics’ blood sugar levels are high is dehydration. In actuality, extremely high blood sugar levels can be caused by severe dehydration.

Doctors should be the ones to decide how much water an elderly person needs to consume. The amount of recommended daily water intake will vary depending on the person’s overall health, prescription use, and other circumstances.

Senior Assisted Living Anthem Diabetes is a significant health disease, but with the proper care, many elderly people may effectively manage it every day. Our goal is to support senior citizens in leading fulfilling, healthy lives. Residents in our Anthem Assisted living communities take pleasure in delectable meals that are both filling and healthful. Seniors with unique dietary requirements are always welcome at our facility. Get in touch by connecting at 602.909.9550.