Connecting With A Loved One In Assisted Living Anthem

  • February 23, 2023 BY  Anthem Seniors
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It’s crucial for family members and friends to maintain the same level of connection with an elderly parent or other loved one after they move into an assisted living facility. Senior living facilities are highly supportive of this as it greatly contributes to the general well-being of their residents.

Even though we all lead busy lives, it’s especially crucial to maintain contact with loved ones who have recently moved into assisted living or memory care cottages. Especially after their significant shift and major life change, they need you in their lives. Let us go through some of the tips shared by Assisted Living Anthem experts:

  • Sharing memories

A wonderful method to maintain a strong sense of family is to reflect on significant occasions like weddings, birthdays, vacations, and other joyous occasions. Bring along photo albums or other sentimental items when you visit a loved one to make everyone happy.

  • Technology use

Even if a family member lives overseas, modern technologies make it possible to communicate with them virtually. The experience is enhanced by being able to view the person in real-time on video in addition to speaking with them on the phone. One easy but extremely effective approach to keeping everyone connected is to show your close one movies on your phone of other family members, athletic events, or other memorable occasions.

  • Improve visiting hours

It’s a good idea to plan your vacation around your elderly family member’s special needs if you have the chance to visit them in person. If your loved one struggles to relax at night, consider visiting them closer to bedtime to assist with their nightly ritual. Some seniors might appreciate dining with their families or going to a craft session. Planning visits in this manner strategically allows for the maximization of quality time and reduces stress for residents.

  • Handwritten letter

Send a letter the old-fashioned way so they can read it as not all elders are tech-savvy. If you live far apart, keeping in touch can be challenging, but you can do it by sending a quick note to let them know you are thinking of them. This would be a great idea for elderly parents to stay in touch.

  • Taking part in a community meal together

While eating out is always enjoyable, almost all assisted living facilities invite friends and family to come to visit their loved ones so that they can share a meal on the premises. In comfortable, laid-back surroundings with lots of space for everyone, quality communities provide delectable food.

  • Utilize local attractions

Take your dad or elderly loved one to a nearby restaurant for lunch or dinner if they can do so. Additionally, going to a nearby park and taking in the scenery can do wonders for the mind and spirit.

Family members might enjoy time together even if the events are simple or nearby.

  • Stay connected

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