Assisted Facilities Like Anthem Senior Gardens Or Nursing Homes- Which Is Better?

  • June 14, 2017 BY  Anthem Seniors
  • senior living in Anthem

There are various options that you can opt for for long-term care for the elderly members in your families, you can either go for assisted facilities or nursing homes or can opt for home care as well where you can hire the services of a nurse for your house. Most people go through a confused state of mind while deciding about whether to go for a nursing home or an assisted facility because most people are not aware of the basic differences between the two. Assisted facilities and nursing homes are quite different from one another as they cater to different sets of people having different health conditions. If you are based in Arizona then you can opt for Anthem Senior Gardens which consists of some of the most compassionate and qualified caregivers who just have the well-being of their clients on their minds at all times. Your loved one can expect to receive high-quality senior living in Anthem care at Anthem Senior Gardens. You can go for a nursing home as well for senior care but only if you see that your loved one is severely ill and would require to be treated in the hands of professional healthcare providers. On the contrary, if your loved one is suffering from mobility issues or memory problems then it is best to opt for assisted facilities. Differences between a nursing home and an assisted facility are:

Medical Care– In a nursing home it is a given that your loved one will receive the best quality medical care in the hands of certified professionals but assisted facilities are no less than any nursing home. Caregivers at assisted homes are equally trained and certified in the most important medical procedures which keeps them always prepared to face and overcome any medical emergency efficiently. Moreover healthcare providers such as doctors, nutritionists, etc pay regular visits to check on the clients for ensuring their welfare.

More Independence In An Assisted Facility- Unlike a nursing home where a single room is shared by different patients with no probable privacy for any said person, assisted facilities comprises of a number of suites or apartments for housing a number of people where a person gets the chance of selecting his or her type of room and customize it accordingly which ensures high amount of privacy for that person. Caregivers makes sure to never cross the thin line by making sure to not intrude into someone’s privacy.

Costs- Staying at both the nursing homes and assisted facilities are highly cost-effective, the costs are even covered by insurance policies specially for nursing homes. You can just have a word regarding this with your insurance adviser if you are thinking about going for an assisted facility for your loved one, whether there is any policy to cover costs of an assisted living home.

Opportunities For Socialization– Staying for a long time in a nursing home can actually be very depressing with nothing much to do. But staying in an assisted facility can be a lot of fun because of fun-activities being arranged by them every now and then ensuring never a dull moment ever in the lives of the people staying at the place. At Anthem Senior Gardens expect for your loved one to receive a lot of happiness and Anthem assisted living care and love from the caregivers and the other residents. Events organized at the facility also gives a chance for the residents to socialize with one another which invariably gives rise to strong friendships.

So get in touch with one of the best assisted living in Anthem facilities and give your loved ones the best experiences of their lives.