The Benefits Of Enjoying Retired Life At Anthem

  • August 01, 2022 BY  Anthem Seniors
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The focus of today’s assisted living facilities is you. Elderly care facilities at Anthem have developed over the past 17 years into opulent apartment-style homes with round-the-clock access to a well-trained and committed staff that is committed to giving you the care you want when you need it most.

When you need support, we’ll be there for you at Anthem like a reliable friend. Like that friend, we’ll make sure you have a good time as well. We offer very flexible assisted living services, so you may get the care you need exactly when you need it. Services, such as temporary support services, can always be introduced. Our staffs are here to help, whether it is with medication management, mobility assistance, coordinating care with your doctors, or making sure you look your best at happy hour.

Every relationship we have with a resident is based on building trust from the very beginning. Our assisted living program’s cornerstone is creating enduring connections between our residents, their families, and our staff. Our employees can help you in the way you need when they are aware of your preferences.

To ensure that your needs are fulfilled and that we go above and beyond, our health and wellness teams put in a lot of effort. Our caregivers are skilled professionals who have wonderful personalities, and a lot of compassion, and are educated to deliver the finest care possible while maintaining a healthy dose of tact, grace, and fun. Consequently, as you settle in, you can bet that life will become simpler, more enjoyable, and more relaxed.

One Strong Community

It is not necessary for a shift in need or care to indicate a move. In the business, the “continuum of care” is a service that many of our communities provide. To put it simply, this indicates that a variety of services, such as independent living, assisted living, and occasionally even memory care, are provided in a single community.

You don’t have to give up your independence, privacy, or sense of dignity if you choose to live in assisted living at a Leisure Care complex. We are merely here to support you as you plan your retirement, which is still entirely up to you.

If your needs change over time and you decide you need more assistance, choosing a community that offers a continuum of care will allow you to stay in your neighborhood, sometimes even in your apartment. Another way that our communities work to assist you is through this.

Assisted Living Services

The aim is to make your senior living experience pleasurable and fun. Our assisted living services are created to support your active lifestyle since we know you are ready for adventure. Additionally, to ensure that we are meeting all of your needs, we will work with you and your family to complete initial and ongoing evaluations that cover the following services:

  • Activity and Social Scheduling
  • Drinking, Eating, and Meal Support
  • Help with Dressing
  • Assistance with Mobility & Escort
  • Taking Showers & Baths
  • Assistance with Personal Appearance and Hygiene
  • Incontinence and Continence Support Maintenance
  • Assistance with Communication
  • Behavioral Support
  • Maintenance of Health
  • Help with Medication

Assisted living should be stress and worry-free. We will take care of everything, including your initial visit, move-in day, daily life, and monthly invoicing. Your chosen neighborhood at Anthem Assisted Living can aid you in creating a lifestyle that satisfies both your material and practical demands. Be in touch with us today!